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JDK provides programmers with a set of tools (like javac, debugger, javap, appletviewer etc..) for developing Java programs. JDK includes JRE. JRE provides the run-time engine JVM along with the class libraries which contains the predefined functionality. Using JDK programmers can create and run Java programs. But with JRE alone, programmers or users can only run already compiled Java programs. We cannot create Java programs using only JRE. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an abstract computing machine that allows a computer to run programs written in Java.

Since the arrival of Java 8 there has been a Cambrian explosion in the number and variety of libraries offering persistent collections. PCollections has been around for many years and more recently has been joined by Paguro, Dexx and JavaSlang among others.

This week we’re looking at JEP 197: Segmented Code Cache as part of the Java 9 series: looking at some of the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPS) hoping to make their way into Java 9. Last week we looked at multi-release JAR files: MRJARs. This week, we look at the proposal to spilt out the code cache so there is a code cache per top-level type of compiled code, as “the organization and maintenance of compiled code has a significant impact on performance.”

esign Patterns are very popular among software developers. A design pattern is a well described solution to a common software problem. The Singleton is one of the Creational Design Patterns in Java.

If you like the functional aspects of Scala, but are somewhat bothered by the annoyances that doing FP in Scala incurs, you should take a look at Haskell! It is one of the languages that inspired Scala, so you will find many familiar concepts. By fully embracing the functional paradigm, Haskell makes functional programming much more convenient.

I came across a blog post on Spring Framework guru’s which uses the h2 database console, and thought it would be useful to combine the console with my own spring security tutorials

This tool will remove all the class in R.java except the styleable class and replace the referance into the constant value. So you can reduce the dex files number and apk size.

n this article, we will explore how to get geographic location data from an IP address using the MaxMind GeoIP2 Java API with the free GeoLite2 database.

In this post, we will try to follow up on particular misunderstandings about Java Memory Model, hopefully on the practical examples. The examples use the APIs from the jcstress suite, which are concise enough for a reader, and are runnable.


Kelin-Hong/ScrollablePanel - 939 Stars, 124 Fork
A flexible view for providing a limited rect window into a large data set,just like a two-dimensional RecyclerView. It different from RecyclerView is that it's two-dimensional(just like a Panel) and it pin the itemView of first row and first column in their original location.

barryhappy/TContributionsView - 353 Stars, 35 Fork
TContributionsView can be use for a Contributions View, like in one personal homepage of Github, and more than that.

A TextView library that allows the user to increase/decrease font size with a two finger gesture by the user.

AmniX/AdBlockedWebView-Android - 170 Stars, 27 Fork
An Implementation of WebView with Ad-blocked Interface. Blocks Banner And Video Apps From Web Page

mraythree/SnakeGame - 12 Stars, 5 Fork
A classic game of snake that is controlled by a neural network and trained using a genetic algorithm

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