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Ejb Application Development

By: Jay Johnson
Pages: 480
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc (Computers)

What the book covers: Most aspects of software development have changed radically over the past few years, including the widespread proliferation of objects. The Internet and the ubiquitous Java virtual machine have created a demand for, and enabled the development of highly complex object-oriented enterprise applications, but as development teams struggle to implement ever-more ambitious projects in "Internet time," expensive failures abound. Add in the current dearth of available web developers, and the term "software crisis" may be too mild.

Help is on the horizon in the form of "Enterprise Java Beans" (EJBs). EJBs add encapsulation to subsystems of objects. With these services available, application developers will not have to understand low-level transaction and state management details; multithreading; resource pooling; and other complex low-level functionality. According to some estimates, enterprise application developers may spend over half of their time on these "plumbing and wiring" tasks. What this means is that programmers who write business programs will be able to concentrate on the business functionality of the program.

Using the strategy of connecting large-scale components executing within a standard context services to support distributed objects, developers can concentrate on their customers' specific business requirements. This could eventually amount to something akin to the ever increasing number of components being stuffed into integrated circuits. Systems that once required many devices on multiple boards have been integrated into a single chip. Software may follow the same trend, thanks to technologies such as EJBs.

All the code examples in the book will be provided on the CD-ROM.