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EJB 2.1 Kick Start (Sams White Books)

By: Peter Thaggard
Pages: 400
Publisher: Sams
Publication Date: Nov. 11, 2002

Not just another EJB book, EJB 2.1 Kick Start distinguishes itself in two key ways. First, author Peter Thaggard builds his examples from the new paradigms introduced in EJB 2.X rather than simply rewriting EJB 1.0 code. The changes in EJB 2.X programming--particularly in the areas of deployment descriptors and data persistence--require a new way of thinking about application architecture. The second distinction comes from the use of a project life-cycle approach.

Thaggard presents examples using the define-describe-build approach advocated by the thought leaders in object-oriented programming rather than simply laying out the features of the EJB specification. The result is a readable book that will successfully guide EJB programmers and those migrating from EJB 1/x.