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Sunset Killer (An EJB Global Crime Thriller Book 1)

By: Tallulah Grace
Pages: 237

Publication Date: March 26, 2014

Starting her life anew, after escaping a brutal marriage, Jennifer Brooks looked forward to peaceful days, and quiet nights, in her cottage by the lake.
She never expected to be the target of a deranged fanatic, wielding his version of the hand of God.
She never expected to meet Jackson Smythe, an agent working in the FBI’s prestigious Special Serial Crimes Division, vacationing nearby.
But, as one event leads to the other, Jennifer’s life changes forever.

Meeting Jennifer opened Jackson’s world to possibilities he never imagined. Placing his feelings on hold, he focuses on her protection, and on stopping the violence threatening to consume her.

Suspecting that Jennifer’s attacker is a burgeoning serial killer, Jackson reaches out to Jeri Forbes and Ethan Barnes, and the resources their new company, EJB Global, can offer. Sanctioned by, but independent from, the FBI, Jeri and Ethan’s partnership is strengthened by fewer restrictions, and unlimited funds. Together, they work to uncover the mystery of the man known as the Sunset Killer.