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The Judge (An EJB Global Crime Thriller Book 3)

By: Tallulah Grace
Pages: 235

Publication Date: July 27, 2014

Locked away on death row, Celine Drew’s tormentor posed little threat, aside from the ever-present damage to her body, mind, and soul. Locked in a prison of her own making, Celine’s self-imposed exile from family and friends kept her vulnerable to memories of her time with a serial killer known as The Judge.

When letters from The Judge threaten to finish what he started, Celine reaches out to Jeri Forbes, and the EJB Global team. Though disturbing, the letters are also harmless, until Tyler Burgess, The Judge, escapes from prison.

Tyler Burgess has nothing to lose. Celine Drew has everything to gain.

Follow Celine’s journey from terrorized victim, to the moment she takes charge of her life again, with the help of her protector, Brent Hall. Jeri, Ethan, and the entire EJB Global team go in search of Tyler Burgess, but he’s always one step ahead. Until he’s not.

This explosive drama profiles a sexual sadist and his murderous spree, from death row to his end game; the people he blames most for his untimely incarceration.