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Java Programming Lab Manual with Study Guide

By: Syed Ahmed
Pages: 157

Publication Date: Oct. 10, 2012

This Lab Manual has been written especially for the non-majors who are taking this course as their first programming course as CS1, and have no idea how to program in Java. So the firs Lab or Project that they are asked to write, they have no idea from where to start.

The Lab Manual has been divided and topics are have been selected to give a basic information on important concepts in a easy to follow text with examples of writing simple codes, followed by a complete program or set of programs. Each Chapter has at least one Lab and a Project that either the student can do on their own or can be assigned to them.

The Lab Manual has also a Self-Study Guide with answers that will prepare them for a for Quizzes or Tests and Final Examinations for their Theory portion.

The Examples, Lab and Projects have been chosen to give the students a wide variety of real life problems as far as possible and to make them interesting.